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Questions & Answers to Woodard Companies?

Q1. What sets your company out from other companies?

We believe in fast responses to all types of inquiries. We make sure to never double or triple book our appointments. We strive to be the best at proficiency, professionalism and proper procedures. We meet and exceed all minimum requirements for operating our businesses.

Q2. Why do you Operate using different business names?
Q3. What kind of contracts do you do?

We sign all different kinds of contracts for our many clients. We sign single use contracts as well as revolving or continuous contracts for businesses. All our contracts are sent by our administrator and needs to be kept in good standing at ALL times.

We operate using different names to separate our businesses as well as make it easier for our clients and business contracts to understand which services they are specifically getting.

Q4. What happens if late or non-payment occurs? Charge Reversal apply too?

Interest on the original invoiced amount is calculated compounding daily at 3.5%.

If a late payment is going to be made it must be approved by our Administrator immediately otherwise the interest calculation does apply. Charge Reversals are when you pay us and than contact your financial institution and challenge the payment made to us. There will be a $500 fine from our Administrator to any client that causes a charge reversal at anytime. Payment must than be made in-person with a money order or Certified Cheque. No other forms of payment will be allowed for 6 months afterwards if this issue happens.

Q5.What happens if no payment is made or account defaults?

If your account defaults with us and you contact us prior to it defaulting than we will work with you on re-establishing your account with us. Otherwise the original amount + interest (until processed) + 30% collection fee applies as we have a contract with one of the collection agencies. If after 6 months of attempting collection by collection agency, we reserve the right to take you to small claims court for garnishment of wages including ALL forms of income - hourly, salary, Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program, Employment Insurance, CPP, etc. 

Q6.What Are your Terms and Conditions of Service?

Our Terms and Conditions of Service is available on our website. Terms and Conditions can change at any point in time without notice. Terms and Conditions of Service is the only enforceable protection for our company. These Terms and Conditions of Service is meant to protect all agents and owner of Woodard Technical Services and Woodard Process Serving Services against frivolous prosecution and proceedings. This agreement also protects the Clients by providing a clear separation between The Supplier and The Client. 

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